Premamurti Paetsch - Bridging the Technical and the Artistic

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Adelaide, South Australia—Premamurti Paetsch was born in Australia and raised in Germany. He joined Rising Sun Pictures in 2005 shortly after graduating from Die Akademie für Datenverarbeitung, Böblingen, with a degree in Computer Science and Media Design.

Here Prema talks about the shows he's worked on in his career and offers some advice to aspiring artists.


Hubert Maston Interview

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A Passion for Producing Great Work

Supervisor Hubert Maston joined Rising Sun Pictures in 2015 and has contributed to film and television projects including Tarzan, Pan and X-Men: Apocalypse. Originally from France, Hubert has enjoyed an eclectic career in visual effects. His work has taken him from Paris to Montreal, London, Sydney and other spots around the globe, and he’s served in capacities ranging from Set Supervisor to Technical Director and Pipeline Specialist.