Hubert Maston Interview

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A Passion for Producing Great Work

Supervisor Hubert Maston joined Rising Sun Pictures in 2015 and has contributed to film and television projects including Tarzan, Pan and X-Men: Apocalypse. Originally from France, Hubert has enjoyed an eclectic career in visual effects. His work has taken him from Paris to Montreal, London, Sydney and other spots around the globe, and he’s served in capacities ranging from Set Supervisor to Technical Director and Pipeline Specialist.

Hubert’s credits include blockbusters such as Guardians of the Galaxy as well as games, television and advertising. Prior to coming on board at RSP, he worked as an independent consultant, helping studios through the complicated process of adding capacity, improving operational efficiency and enhancing the quality of their VFX work. At RSP, he is currently working as VFX Supervisor on Game of Thrones series 6.

Here, Hubert discusses his career, his philosophy and his work at RSP.

Rising Sun Pictures: Early in your career, you chose to focus on operational and supervisory roles. What prompted that decision?
Hubert Maston: I like the idea of being involved in the whole process rather than one thing. As a supervisor, you are responsible for everything, not just lighting or modeling. I like that. I’ve worked as a supervisor for most of my career.

RSP: You have a reputation for helping VFX companies grow and improve efficiency. Why is it so hard for studios to manage growth?

HM: Companies often experience growing pains. If you are a small studio with 20 or 30 artists putting out 30 or 50 shots, it is hard to get to that place where you’re 150 people delivering 200 shots. It’s tough to maintain quality. Before I joined RSP, I worked at a small studio in London. They landed work on several big films and suddenly had to go from delivering 160 shots to more than 700 shots. I was hired to assess their capacity and come up with a plan to help them get there. I was hired as a consultant but ended up taking charge of the project. In the end, we were successful.

RSP: What brought you to Rising Sun Pictures?

HM: I met Marcus Wells (RSP’s Human Resources Director) a few years ago when I was working on Happy Feet 2. We discussed things and RSP seemed interesting to me but there was no position for me at the time. We kept in contact but either I was working when they had a job or I was free and they already had someone. Then last year, an opening appeared just as I was finishing a project. I sent Marcus a note saying, “I’m free!”

RSP: What made it a good fit for you?

HM: I prefer to work in a facility of just this size. I’ve never been attracted to gigantic studios where there are thousands of people. They offer challenges and do interesting work, but RSP, with a staff of 150 or so artists, is more flexible and nimble. We can move fast.

RSP: So you’re enjoying it?

HM: I love RSP! The people here are great…really committed to producing work that is as good as it can be. That interests me. I want to do a good job and I want to help others do a good job and produce work that makes them proud. We share the same goals.