Staff profile 


SOME SHOWS I'VE WORKED ON Peter Rabbit, Thor:Ragnarok, XX:Return of Xander Cage, Game of Thrones Season 6, Tarzan, Pan

FAVOURITE COFFEE Nahh… not my thing at all. Tea on the other hand, especially white tea!

WHAT INSIPRED ME TO GO INTO THE VFX INDUSTRY I always enjoyed art and drawing growing up, but didn't get my eyes on the VFX industry until I saw James Cameron's Avatar

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT RSP The culture and my great colleagues


SUPERPOWER OF CHOICE Telepathy, it would be soo cool!

WHAT I ENJOY MOST ABOUT THE VFX INDUSTRY  The creativity and intensity of the work, and the attention to detail that goes into it

WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT ADELAIDE I enjoy Adelaide for it's charm and the easy going vibe it has. I usually bike to work and most things around the CBD are close at hand without a long commute. By car it's also easy to get out of the city, down to the beach or up to one of the cute little towns in the hills. The Adelaide lifestyle is great!

SOME THINGS ABOUT ME YOU DON’T KNOW Last time I counted I had about 200 potted plants at home!

CRAZIEST THING I’VE DONE moved to Australia

PHOBIA I’m scared of going on roller coasters!

FAVOURITE MOVIE  Gravity, Blade Runner & The Grand Budapest Hotel 

INTERESTS / HOBBIES I'm a big fan of horses and I go horse riding on weekends. When I'm not around horses I enjoy gardening 

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS Happy people, lots of good movies and heaps of chocolate! 

ADVICE TO ASPIRING ARTISTS  Keep learning as much as possible! It's great to know what your goal is, but don't let it make you miss out on opportunities in the beginning of your career. Enjoy what you do and take pride in your work, and remember it's always important to seek improvement and keep learning. A mentor is great, having more than one is awesome. Most things are possible if you want it and work for it!