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25 years' most memorable moments: Captain Marvel

BY: Crystel Newman |

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CAPTAIN MARVEL [2019] - With Gill Howe

What did RSP do on Captain Marvel?

Striving for picture-perfect realism and applying attention to detail, Rising Sun Pictures produced nearly 300 visual effects shots for Marvel Studios’ film Captain Marvel. The studio executed a host of challenging visuals for the blockbuster production including a fully 3D subterranean aircraft hangar stuffed with military gear and fabricating a series of shimmering holograms …all while helping to turn Samuel L. Jackson into a more youthful version of himself for his role as Nick Fury.


Gill Howe

What was your role in this film?

I was Executive Producer.


What was your most memorable moment working on this film? 

Seeing the culmination of the concept and development from our Art Department being executed on the big screen. The complexity of the sequences, particularly the holograms; the vision of VFX Supervisor Chris Townsend and the team at Marvel having faith in putting such creative sequences way over in South Australia. It was a wild ride and we loved it.


How long have you worked at RSP?

5.5 years.

What is your most memorable moment working at RSP?

When I saw the fire escape and realised my life in high heels had come to an end!

What do you enjoy most about working at RSP?

Working with a creative team and spending at least once a day laughing like a drain at what seems the sheer impossibility of a task and then spending the rest of the day with people making it happen.


Discover more about Captain Marvel 

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