25 years' most memorable moments: Logan

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LOGAN - With Alana Newell

What did RSP do on Logan?

Reprising its role on The Wolverine, Rising Sun Pictures joined Director James Mangold’s team for Logan, the third and final instalment in 20th Century Fox/Marvel’s “Wolverine” saga. RSP contributed some 230 shots to the dark, visceral tale, with the work ranging from animating the lead character’s trademark claws, to producing finely-detailed matte paintings of locations in Mexico, Texas and elsewhere.


Alana Newell

What was your role in this film?

Head of Production. 


What was your most memorable moment working on this film? 

As Head of Production my role is to oversee the production and operations for all projects. However, at one point during Logan I got the chance to work more directly with the team and client on a couple of sequences. Chas Jarrett and Kurt Williams were fantastic, and as always, a pleasure to work with. Our VFX Supervisor, Dennis Jones is a great balance between creative and technical. As an ex-compositor there is always a special place in my heart for the creative side of visual effects so any opportunity to work directly with such a talented team of artists is a memorable moment.


How long did you work at RSP?

10 years.


What is your most memorable moment working at RSP?

There have been a few. One of the more recent ones would have been working on DUMBO. Not only was working on a Tim Burton film on my bucket list, but I watched the team accomplish such a high level of complexity so gracefully. For me, it highlighted all that we had accomplished over the years and how far we have come.

What do you enjoy the most about working at RSP?

Without a doubt, my team. I learn something new from them everyday. They are an amazing group of talent and they make my job easy.

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